Monday, March 4, 2013


Let's talk about sustainability.  And property rights.  And paranoia.  The current rant about Agenda 21 in our region reminds me of a poster I saw many years ago that read "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you."  I think that people who fear that the government is determined to take away their property rights need to examine just what those rights are.   Do property rights include the right to undertake any activity whatsoever on one's property?  Of course not.  Do they include the right to dump used motor oil in your back yard?  To shoot any wild animal passing through?  To set up a cattle feed lot on one acre?  We all accept some limits on our so-called property rights.  Where I live, I can't burn my trash, including fallen tree branches, in my yard.  I voluntarily limit my production of loud noises and toxic fumes, and I don't speed in our shared driveway.  So, I am wondering what specific rights the people frightened about Agenda 21 are afraid of losing.  Are they rights they actually have? 
I'm concerned about sustainability and it seems to me the human species is not doing well with it.  I would also love to see this blog sustained.  Sustained by regular contributions from more writers and responses to those contributions by other writers.  To beautify this sermon a bit, I'm adding a photo which I'll call "An invitation to spring."  I hope spring will accept the invitation.

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