Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Memorial to a Coffee Cup

Looks like the forecast implied in Margaret's Sept. 10 post was an omen.  AC no longer open after 1:00, so we won't be having Tuesday afternoon meetings there any more.  Somewhere else?  Doesn't look like there's enthusiasm for that.  Nor for posting to this "writer's blog."  Two months have gone by.  [See my comment added to Margaret's post.]
Meanwhile I've done lots of writing since then.  While still working on my book, I've been keeping up with my blog, except for an interruption during the first part of November, and my writing there consists largely of extemporaneous 1st drafts of things that may end up in the book.  My presentation of a reading about beetles given in Genesee a few weeks ago was also a 1st draft that has already been much expanded.  For a look at my other 1st drafts, check out the blog at blackoaknaturalist.
Did anyone notice I'm holding the coffee cup with my left hand?  What's up with that?