Monday, July 9, 2012

Another Author Among Us!!!!

I've spent thousands of hours pursuing certain flowers, bugs and other natural wonders, and poring over scientific as well as popular literature about them.  Even then, what I submit here comes down to pushing a button.  Likewise with our friend Mike Reagan.  Many many hours of research, inspiration, worry, self-doubt, pride, collaboration, fits of privacy, occasionally trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, until finally, the push of a button.  Mike pushed the button today and "The Alienation of Akram" is a completed novel on its way to market.  Working closely with Mike this past year, especially in the home stretch, has been an honor and a privilege, even if we don't always agree on where to use commas. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, So there, Mike! 
Congratulations.  This has been a great experience. 
Now, the two beetles shown above are begging me to tell their story.  Tentative title: The Tetraopes Papers.  Following Mike's example, I hope I can stay motivated to actually get it written down.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Drama Among the Milkweeds

If you saw what I saw this past week while wandering among the milkweeds, you'd think these photos represent more than 1,000 words apiece.  Click on each one for a closer view.  The Monarch Butterflies are darting around in pairs, but, evidently some have been busy longer than I realized because I found this well-developed caterpillar munching on milkweed flowers.  The second photo is of Green Lacewing eggs on the leaf of another kind of milkweed.  When they hatch, they devour aphids which have already gathered on this plant (just one is visible on the stem to the right, although plenty are visible in the first photo).  In the vicinity of Oakland Camp I have been following the drama on five different kinds of milkweeds.  If you like bugs, you can follow the drama in more detail on my blog over the past couple of weeks.  blackoaknaturalist