Monday, January 30, 2012


So my writer workshop had a quick writing assignment today on the concept of "Irresponsible." (Cue up the Law & Order music). These are our stories...expect one from M-L, Linda, and Hannah as well.

I was invited to weigh in this week on a new marketing campaign of a Planned Parenthood in New England. Mothers around the country seemed to agree that while PPs new marketing campaign was very youth focused and hip--playing to what we expect teenagers are like these days--that the campaign faultered in not stressing the negative consequences of abortion--like a college degree, less poverty, more resources for the kids you do have, etc. The campaign, of course, was focused on health and never once mentioned the big Scarlet A word. But as the group was mainly a pro-life group the conversation immediately went to reckless teenage girls and their wanton sexuality.

There weren't many facts involved in the responses. Just a whole lot of Jesus and a little bit of "saw this propaganda film and they said...blah, blah, blah."

When you are the only pro-choice woman in a room and you mention that what's really being discussed is whether or not a zygote should be enjoying a parasitic relationship with the potential host mother, everyone steps away from you. You've suddenly gone from being a warm loving homemaking mom to an irresponsible harlot--or worse--a scientist.

This is really not an argument about 'killing unborn' children with taxpayer money (though PP has not been able to use Fed fundings directly for such for as long as I've been having sex). This is about striking a proper tone of contrition. Those without contrition are irresponsible monsters.

I try to remind my cohorts about the irony of the position. Historically, most abortions were performed on married mothers often going through the 'change of life.' Where is that in the marketing? Where is that in our teenage harlots and sex fiend fantasies? Married women. Mothers. My age. Irresponsibly we miss the wayward clues of perimenopausal ovulation and hormonal spikes.

And as usual we are a demographic that does not exist.