Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm posting a poem written by a poet who was in my poetry workshop. Hope you enjoy it and hope you'll also comment on Louis's poem. Thanks, M-L

a tanka sequence

by Louis Ofosky


early morning

stillness, a mirror of loss –

neither awake

nor asleep, I was wrapped
in rhythmic vapors


disappointing –

frayed strands dangle
from our hearts,
the only thing that can be
lost… is illusion


cleaning house

before you left, before you fled

tilting quiet

breath marks, this dark

water embrace


to warm hands
on poetic notes

a shift settles
on my lip, a chilled tear
from all those miles away


tears drown

this plume, yet sightless
in air
a circle of sadness
says good-bye, hugging you


who knows here
long enough ? leaving
this way, that way –

my eye next to where
the water moved your home



beyond the maze

and clouds,

will rising tides

be all we lament ?

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