Friday, May 14, 2010

Writing Workshops in Quincy This Fall

Hi, Thought I better post this before I wind up posting the day before the deadline. I'm having a great time finishing up everyone's final notes/pages to me. But here it goes----this might be one of my only jobs in the exciting would that be?

1) Advanced Writing Workshop. After a successful Advanced Writing Workshop in the spring of 2010, Margaret Garcia-Couoh is offering the workshop again in the Fall. This workshop is meant for any writer working on a long term project who needs motivation and a small community and one on one technical and inspirational assistance to get that project completed. Writing a novel? Turning a thesis into a memoir? Want to try writing that non-fiction book you meant to do? We begin September 20th and go through to the end of the year. We meet once or twice a month as a community of writers and then one on one with me once every two weeks. Weekly deadlines to keep you moving along. Cost is $250 per person for the four month session. To apply for the workshop please email Margaret Garcia @ with a sample of your work and an outline of the project you wish to work on during the session. Deadline to apply is July 31st.

2) Intermediate Creative Writing Workshop. This workshop is for people who want to write but haven't in awhile or don't know where to begin. Maybe you've written a story or a book of poems and can't quite figure out what is holding them back. Or maybe you just want someone to give you plenty of prompts and space to be creative in! Focus is on short story, short memoir, blogging, and poetry.We begin this workshop September 15th and go to December 1st. We will meet monthly as a group, meet online as many times as you want and one on one every month as well. Cost is $150 per person.To apply for the workshop please email Margaret Garcia @ with a sample of your writing and a paragraph indicating where you are with your writing and what you want your focus to be. Deadline to apply is July 31st.

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