Sunday, May 9, 2010


A broken record
Of interruptions
Sets mothers into a groove
Of repetitions.
No flow. No finish.
Always beginning again.

A captured moment
While the baby sleeps
To coddle a steaming
Cup of tea,
Feel the warmth
And watch
Curling wafts of heat
In the kitchen's cool air.

Even in absentmindedness
Breaks the spell.

The baby's cries,
The clattering cup,
Dispels the quiet.

And lifting the blanket
Uncovering the life
Demanding care,
Life curled into a bundle
Weighted less than a full teapot,
Warm breaths
In the air,
She takes that warmth
Into her arms
Forgets the cup of tea
Cooling in the cup,
Attends to the long life
Beginning in her warm embrace.

(Written Mother's Day 2010
after reading BLUEBIRD by Ariel Gore)

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  1. M-L--this is wonderful! I hope you are sending it out somewhere!


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