Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This is a Writer's Blog?

Hi everybody. Don't ya think a writer's blog should have some writing EVERY DAY? February 26 to March 3 - that's almost another week gone by. We have around ten in our group. How about we schedule, starting today, maybe in alphabetical order or something, and each person adds at least a little something to chew on on his/her day. Here's mine: I was researching the etymology of the word "attitude" for an essay on my blog. Found it has the same root as aptitude. In perusing my dictionary in the A's, I came across Attleboro and Asheville, two towns that mean a lot to me. I might get it posted today, but, if not, at least I've done this - plus (Hi, Lance) put in a little plug for my blog. It's blackoaknaturalist. "You are not a gadget." Jaron Lanier.

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  1. I agree Joe that the pleasure of a writers' blog is being able to read other writers' work. I've been woefully absent from the blog and will try to be a more active participant. Besides writing and posting, the other valuable component of this blog is to receive comments on what you blog. Feedback nourishes my writing. Keeps me going. So let's write, read, and comment more to keep the creative juices flowing. I really, really appreciated your comments about the Flash Fiction piece I needed feedback on, gave me lots of thought. Also, the comments of harold thudd, the mystery man really kept me going. Margaret's comments too. So now I have enough courage to send it in the Flash Fiction contest Margaret suggested. Thanks.


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