Thursday, March 18, 2010

the Declaration of

There is nothing
to miss
from a man who
has not had
the privilege

in the midst of the desk
the bottle, the words
the paint, the wall

a thought crosses
and double crosses

and declares itself
imbedded, like a virus

like a sin

waiting like blank paper
to speak


  1. I'm still mulling over the first stanza but the later images are viscerally stunning: crossing/doublecrosses; embedded like a virus/a sin; a blank page waiting to speak

    What a definition of writer's block. When we're at a loss for words. When nothing comes. But there's patience, not defeat. Even a virus can be deleted from a computer, unblocking words stored in memories to be tapped out on keys to fill up the blank pages. Thanks Margaret for an encouraging poem. You are a true craftsman, a wordsmith.

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  3. On a second look I think the first stanza is that writing is a privelege that writers are given, a gift to be used. If not used than no one can miss what wasn't written "nothing to miss". It's an admonishment to say something, maybe it will be dismissed but at least it's an assertion of having been here. In other words, don't succumb to writer's block.


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