Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Happy Fellow at Oakland Camp

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Hopefully this happy guy will be an antidote to my previous depressing message.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Just Words: Corporate Personhood?!!!!

Just words today. Recent Supreme Court decision makes me fear for my niche as a naturalist. In a country where only 39% accept the theory of evolution (and mostly don't even know what a theory is) and a corporation can have all the rights of a person but few of the responsibilities, I am given to wonder how long wild nature can survive. If you have enjoyed my photos and comments this past year [at blackoaknaturalist], I am hereby sending out a plea for you to become an "activist" on behalf of the natural world. Perhaps read Aldo Leopold's "A Sand County Almanac," especially the essay titled 'The Land Ethic.' Read Richard Louv's "The Last Child in the Worlds" and learn about 'Nature Deficit Disorder.' I've lived long enough to have seen several American species in the wild that are now extinct. I have been able to show my young children several species that are on the endangered species list. In one human life time it is difficult to see the degree of loss that is occurring due to human acitivity on the planet. But, a sense of history and reading the writings of naturalist over the past couple of hundred years, one cannot escape the fact that we are in trouble. A great math exercise for middle school kids on upwards is to get world population data, say for every 100 years or so beginning in the year 1 C. E. and every 50 years or so beginning with the Industrial Revolution, and draw a graph. The curve will rise ever so slowly until the 1300's. Just after it begins to rise noticeably, there is a small dip representing the European deaths due to the plague. Then it begins to rise again, especially after the discovery of oil. Then, in the Twentieth Century it becomes so steep it will frighten you, unless you are beyond hope. Or, perhaps, like Reagan's Interior Secretary, James Watt, you don't need to worry about "this Earth" because you think you are going to a finer place after you die. Working to undo the concept of corporate personhood might be as effective as anything else you could do to preserve our biosphere for future generations. After that depressing speech, I promise to post more pretty pictures next time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can we change meeting time?

I know it's obnoxious to ask but I can't make it to Quincy on Wednesday this semester...and also when do we want to meet on campus?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello, my name is Chris Bolton

this piece is a result of
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I am, in turns, a mannish boy in a cloche hat and an angry young black man. I have an unnatural penchant for ill fitting polyester but I am quick to share a smile. I have the moves of a disco king in my meticulously quaffed blonde halo, stylish aviator glasses and a sexy, if slightly lopsided grin. Too, I am a sensible, if somewhat matronly, professional woman; a cheerful grey panther wearing my mother’s ruby locket and tending to my career and my cats. I have learned to lean into the camera, one eyebrow slightly raised, a force to be reckoned with, a man you want to have in your corner and a fellow who can give you the best deal in town on your term insurance. At times I am a lovely young brunette with a winsome smile and sparkling dark eyes. Sadly, the love of my life is Doodles, a half-breed lap dog whom I cannot break of the habit of viciously nipping at my paramours while we are in the throes of passion. I find myself to be a bubba-hump from Slidell, Louisiana, a cool if narrow good ol’ boy given to crawdad etouffe and accordion music. Shades in place, I am more than ready to protect me and mine from home invasion by other aspects of myself. Then, suave in a rented tuxedo and a cashmere scarf, I maintain a siding salesman’s moustache and know myself to truly be a heartbreaker and easy going seducer of young women. In my youth I longed to appear bold and mysterious, a student of the arcane and a dabbler in dark arts. As I mature I realize that, at best, I had managed no more than the look of another lost soul, lonely and loved by the wrong people. Haunted by this notion I develop and appetite for mid-priced single malts which often manifests itself in sagging skin and a slight blurring of my countenance. On my up days I like to show my whimsical side, donning an oversized afro wig or displaying a generous amount of eyeball white. Other days, in my contentment, I am the mother and father of a loveable brood of offspring – six, and one on the way- happily ensconced in a rambling four bedroom with an overgrown lawn and only one bathroom. My job at the bank is secure and my life is easy going and joyful.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

It's been sixteen days since the last post. Do blogs abhors vacuums, too? Just in case, here's a photo to make you smile. It's my son's thumb with a visitor. Joe