Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thoughts in high profile - the reason for the season, etc.

Hi all: Seems like today has been a day of passionate e-mails relating to the season. As we talk about meeting again in early January, reference to the Epiphany set off a chain reaction. I'll admit to being a catalyst, for better or worse. I wonder if all this passion could be corralled into one or more writing prompts for the new year? Some of us have taken on large projects - novels, etc. - and are forever flagellating ourselves for not meeting self-imposed deadlines, or feeling embarrassed for never being ready to share a piece because it's 'not quite ready.' Yet, the passion exhibited in the e-mails I've sent and received today seems to bring out some real energy. Maybe writing shorter pieces that could be completed relatively quickly, or at least brought to a state of willingness-to-share, would be a good idea for 2010. Don't necessarily quit the long-term projects, but give ourselves the satisfaction of getting some things done. I guess that's why I like essays. I am working on one called "Religion and Other Sacred Cows," and maybe it's a case of synchronicity that Margaret's inadvertent prompt has given me more food for thought on that topic. Now I'm determined to have that essay ready for sharing before the new year. Hold me to it, OK? Joe

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  1. Joe, I'm waiting to read your essay on "Religion and Sacred Cows", especially now that you have your MBA! m-l


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