Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meeting time

Hello all you writers. I've missed you!

Have you had time to discuss a change in our meetings? If you are unable to come to a consensus, I completely understand. Would it be okay for me to post work, and critique work, via the blog, if I can't meet with the group?

Just to reiterate, I can meet at seven in the eve. on Mon. and Wed. and six or later, on Tuesday, if you don't mind my smelling like a horse.

On TH. I can meet anytime. I am taking a doll making class right now, but will have to stop it anyway during the winter, as it is in Carson City. Giving it up now is not a big issue.

Friday is open.

But as I said, if I can just continue to post on the blog, that works and I could attend the group meeting, if class was cancelled, for instance. Next semester my schedule will change again. I believe Wednesdays will be okay then.

Let me know please. And I hope all of you are busy writing away! I haven't done a thing in a while. This move has about killed us and college starting has not helped at all! However, I AM going to begin writing again, soon.

Take care.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Writing Group

Hello all. The good news is, we found a place in Twain, so I can stay in the Writer's Group.

The bad news is, my school schedule for fall, doesn't allow me to attend at the current time. I am free on TH. and Friday, or after 6:00 PM Mon.-Wed. The other time would be early morning.

I don't expect anyone to change just for me, but maybe there are others whose schedules have changed and need to adjust as well?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Poets & Writers Mag Contest

Hey Guys. Anyone feeling lucky?