Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Complimentary poem

A friend of mine recently came up with a rather dark poem based on some past trouble we had. I was so touched by it that I began composing a complimentary poem to go with it, and if I could find the blooming thing again, I'd get her permission to post it here. Mine is pretty raw, really, and I think I need a better way for it to flow.

The passion is deathless;
The memories, faded, but shown –
Each piece not abandoned,
But in journey of dust to truth,
And souls, not desperate but
Naught can be redone,
But by that which makes its doing,
So move on.
Resolution, a declaration
Held by white fist and law,
Only awaits but a word,
A word from mind of all.
Parallel? Nay, but twin,
By fate or cunning reasons,
You and I have much to learn
Of love in its many seasons.

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