Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My writing project

Here is (one of) my current writing projects. It's basically a training document for the teachers that will be using this piece of software at the district. I want it to be readable and efficient. These teachers are very busy.


PCOE's ePortfolio system

Welcome to our ePortfolio system! This module enables student work from within Moodle to be stored in a portfolio-like format. Once activated, students can publish their work from multiple courses, building up content over time, organized how they see fit. This document has three parts:

  1. Features overview
  2. Fast start tutorial
  3. Features in depth

Features Overview

Here is an overview of the main features of the ePortfolio:

• a starting page where students can post their curriculum vitae, resume, letters of introduction, etc.

• a two-level content category system (main category and sub category) to hold various content types (data)

• file management within the category system (i.e. for publication of one’s best work efforts)

• publication of interesting links within Moodle or into the web via weblink

• self-reflection and documentation of one’s personal learning style by using private notes (with the option for publication within Moodle or into the web via weblink)

• commenting functionality for published links, files and notes

• export functionality into a SCORM zip format

• cross-course usage of the ePortfolio

• import of assignments from within all moodle courses into an individual portfolio

• import of previous ePortfolio module exported SCORM packages


Other parts coming next ...



  1. i am unable to open the submission, "Here's my writing project." It just keeps coming back to the same page. Any ideas?

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  3. Ah! Never mind. Isn't the page we're viewing the project itself?

  4. When you click on the title of a post, it will show that post only in its entirety on a new page. Then you can make remarks by clicking on the Post Comment button on the bottom of the page. I hope this helps.


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